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Pledge: Each month, I will donate $5 in food to my church food pantry, for every pound I lose, until I reach my UGW.

The 5K badge I posted below was from my first official 5K. I completed it on March 3, 2012 at the Gasparilla Distance Classic. I walked it in 56:37.

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-1.6 pounds
-5.8 total since restarting on 7/4/13

I’m going to have to start walking again I think. Just not sure how I will fit it in.

The last several days sucked for sleep. Go to bed at 2 or 3 and be up by 7, sometimes earlier. I know that isn’t going to help with the losses. Need to work on it…

Last night’s city council meeting speech went well. I was shaking so bad. Prior to the meeting, my nerves skyrocketed when one of the handlers texted and asked if I’d be up for a TV interview after the council meeting. He sent that as I took a bite of my sandwich that I could finally stomach to eat. Needless to say, the sandwich went uneaten. But, no interview (another story to cover) and the meeting went fine. Then my mind was racing from excitement and planning and couldn’t fall asleep until 3:00 am and was up at 7:00 am.

My anxiety was so bad yesterday that I could hardly eat. I ate 28 PP - 6 of them were from a hot cocoa after the meeting. But the lack of appetite continued through today. I had 34 PP and 7 of them were from orange juice and a sparkling fruit juice.

My dinner today consisted of a piece of deli turkey and now I’m horribly sick to my stomach. Not the way I planned on losing weight…

How many WW activity points do I get for having crazy anxiety and nerves? Tomorrow I’m speaking at a city council meeting about the K9 units. The last time I did something like this was almost a year ago and I had endless time to talk. I’m speaking at public comment, so it’s only 3 minutes long. But, I have to call before 1 pm to “register.”

Now, I come from a very small community…15,000 in the whole county. The only thing we register are our vehicles. At home, I at least had the opportunity to chicken out if my nerves got too bad to speak. Not tomorrow. This city has around 51,000 residents. Big city for me. Different meeting rules and guidelines. I can’t back out. I don’t want to back out.

I have my “presentation” ready, but know I’ll miss something because of nerves. I know this K9 stuff inside and out. My problem is organizing my thoughts and eliminating the “um’s.” This is going to sound seriously messed up, but when I get in front of authority figures, my mind goes blank and I can’t think straight. I know, I’m around cops all the time, how is that possible? It just is, I can’t explain it. How terrible would it be if I just read the presentation?

I changed my weigh-in day to Friday because a friend is doing WW with me. I think I like Friday weigh-ins better…

-4.2 pounds! It feels good to be back. I even feel the determination I had from early 2012!




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Get crackin, science peeps and movie nerds.

The last one though …

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I don’t have any races scheduled right now. I’m taking it slow on my comeback. I’m doing an awful lot right now (work and K9) and still want to succeed with this attempt. I’m afraid that if I try doing too much, I will get frustrated and give up again. I think that’s a big reason for falling off to begin with (that and I’m a stress eater).

My sister wanted me to do some this summer, but I struggled with the last two 5K’s I did (Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5K on the Princess Half Marathon weekend and the Disney Castaway Cay 5K while on my Disney Cruise). I’ve fallen back so much that those two races were painful. Until I can really dedicate time to get back to my walking, I don’t want to add another stress. I’m hoping to incorporate the walking again sometime next month.

I’m finally starting to feel the positive effects of eating right again. Not only am I down several pounds already, but today I felt the energy and focus I had over a year ago! I missed this feeling.

I’m ending the night with 5 PP left and a lot to be proud of…

  1. Sat through a highly productive meeting for 4 hours. During this meeting I drank 3 Camelbak bottles of water! It’s been a long time since I’ve done that! Holy bathroom breaks Batman!!
  2. I was starving after the meeting, but passed up all the fast foods and went for what I had at the office (I had a 30 minute commute after the meeting). HUGE SCORE!
  3. Remained focused on the task I needed to get done at work. Almost have one part finished.
  4. Hammered out several emails that needed to get done. I’m getting better and faster at them too. I’m bad at typing, reading, changing and rereading a million times. That leads to emails that take 2 hours to type.
  5. Didn’t snack while I did any of the computer work tonight. That’s been a struggle for the last year.

Just approved payment (from our nonprofit, Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association) for our first K9 vet bill! I’m excited, sorry. LOL! It was for these guys here:

Will you like us on Facebook? If you do, let me know that you found us from my Tumblr page.


Bonfire withdrawal ends July 4, 2013. Come to me, childhood.

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It’s day 5 of my comeback and things are going great! I think I’ll bring back a Doing Well post…

1. I SAID NO TO THE OFFICE DOUGHNUTS!!! Yeah, you read that right. :-)
2. I started my 5th grant proposal today. Technically, 3 grant proposals were very small, so I don’t really count them. This is my second big grant. Looking for training and safety equipment for the 2 Saginaw K9 units. Once it’s done, I’ll tweak it and use it to make the same request for my county’s K9 unit.
3. I’m working on my negativity. It’s been a struggle, but I’m working on it.
4. I topped off the gas tank before gas jumped $0.25!!