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Pledge: Each month, I will donate $5 in food to my church food pantry, for every pound I lose, until I reach my UGW.

The 5K badge I posted below was from my first official 5K. I completed it on March 3, 2012 at the Gasparilla Distance Classic. I walked it in 56:37.

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I lost a few followers :( I’m sorry! Am I the only one that doesn’t unfollow people? I think I’ve unfollowed two people since I started - in September. I only unfollowed because I was offended by some of their posts. I guess I don’t have time to see who’s active and who’s not… I’m trying, but work is too much and the fundraising for the K9 Team has taken priority.

It’s been a crazy few days… and I’ve done no working out. My sleep schedule is out of whack and I’ve been incredibly tired lately. Work is bearing down on me - too much to do, not enough time to do it all and fundraising has kicked back into high gear for the K9 Team.

  1. The two new office girls started yesterday! Training has started! Which is why the stress level is through the roof.
  2. My mom got to meet the K9 this evening :) It was great to see her finally get to experience the fruits of her labor.
  3. I scheduled a Bake Sale for Father’s Day weekend. We need to rebuild the account for the K9 Team.
  4. My four 4-legged babies got some new foods today! They were happy :) Crispy even climbed the bags to show how excited she was.

Bonus! I got my Do Life shorts in the mail today!

Life is Good :)

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